CUbRIK histoGraph

Visual knowledge discovery tool for historians

Project Description

The CUbRIK histoGraph application is a multimedia visual knowledge discovery tool for historical research, aiming to support humanities scholars in their daily research tasks. Integrating machine, human and crowd-sourced tasks, the application enhances access to exisiting multimedia collections. It supports e.g. automatic face detection and recognition of politicians and other important persons in historic photographs. Scholars are also provided with annotation tools to enrich the material with information while working with the collections as a kind of implicit crowdsourcing. The generated knowledge is visualized in a social graph, which depicts the document-based links between the identified persons. The graph also incorporates time-based, event-based, and location-based filtering of the links and documents. EIPCM leads the development of CUbRIK applications as Applications Director.

Selected Publications

Novak et al. (2014): histoGraph – A Visualization Tool for Collaborative Analysis of Historical Social Networks from Multimedia Collections.
Dionisio et al. (2013): Building social graphs from images through expert-based crowdsourcing.

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